Glazed & Confused: Ceramics in Contemporary Art Practice

Hazelhurst Regional Gallery 13 Dec 2014 – 1 Feb 2015


Installation image courtesy of Hazelhurst Regional Gallery

The exhibition showcased the creative outcomes of an Artist Residency Partnership between Hazelhurst Gallery and the Ceramics Design Studio Gymea, Sydney TAFE, led by artist Lynda Draper.

Artists featured include Glenn Barkley & NOT, Karen Black, Josie Cavallaro, Sarah Contos, Rosie Deacon & Giselle Stanborough, Mikala Dwyer, Marc Etherington, Frank Nowlan, Tom Polo, Madeline Preston, Joan Ross, Peter Sharp, Jodie Whalen.

About the work: Material, form and action have informed the subtle figurative in the abstract forms. Chance and accident have been supported with my body and hands, leaving holes where they asked to be and shapes where they fell. Clay collapses and crumbles, sags and dries and breaks. It was like digging tunnels underground not knowing where you will end up or if the entire object would collapse at the very last moment. It reminds me of the fragility of life.