Art Month, Sydney 2017

Skimming the water

Created for Aurora Eora: The Hungry Mile. February 2017. More info

Aurora Eora brings the stories of Barangaroo to life through song and art. Emerging composer Alice Chance has created six original songs for Gondwana Choirs, each song representing a moment in Barangaroo’s rich and diverse history.

To animate these compositions, Art Month Sydney in collaboration with the Barangaroo Delivery Authority and Lendlease curated a Barangaroo site-wide exhibition of artworks by acclaimed contemporary artists: Tony Albert, Karen Black, Reko Rennie, Joan Ross and Gemma Smith.

Karen Black’s painting practice engages with global social, economic and political issues. Referencing architecture, culture and history, the work tells the human stories and tragedies within these environments.

For many thousands of years the site of Barangaroo was the home of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the traditional owners of the land.

By the mid-1820s a wharf was built at Walsh Bay by colonial settlers.

In the 1930s it was colloquially known as The Hungry Mile, when the wharves were a source of casual employment during the Great Depression era. This was a decade haunted by mass poverty, violent extremism and history’s bloodiest conflict, the Second World War, involving all the great powers of the world.

Unearthing the past while considering the present, Black has taken a closer look at imagery from existing paintings and collaged them to form a new contemporary consciousness – one that considers all of our history, in the hope we may learn from the past.

You can see this artwork for a limited time at Exchange Place.

Song: The Hungry Mile by Alice Chance, performed by Sydney Children’s Choir and Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir.

Skimming the water 2017